Most of you know my husband James, as I call him, but know nothing about me. Who is this mysterious person that stole him away to the foreign land of Seguin? Where is Seguin anyway? Well, it is a quiet town east of San Antonio, Texas. We live out in the country which I love. James is beginning to love it too. I come from a little town in New York called East Aurora. It is east of Buffalo. I was raised in the middle of 500 acres, which is why I love the country - peace and quiet. I had horses, chickens, ducks and geese. My favorite to this day is horses. I have three lawn ornaments (horses) now. I have imprinted the two babies and trained them myself. They are lawn ornaments since I haven't done much with them lately. I could go on forever about them. They are my babies.

I love nature and animals. I would rather spend time watching them to TV or any thing else. I am not really a techie person, which is odd since James is the biggest one I know. But it all seems to work out fine. I am teaching him the ways of the wild and he is trying to teach me the ways of the web.

A lady was giving away a free house built in 1890, so I moved it to our property here in Seguin. My daughter and I have been restoring, remodeling, rebuilding, and replacing this house for 10 years. It still has a way to go to get it back to its original beauty. I have done all the work myself minus the roof, central air and heat system, new electrical, and the kitchen cabinets. All the plumbing, septic, telephone, sheet rock, wall paper, tile floors, tile shower stall, tile counter top, painting, stripping (the paint), the list goes on and on, I have done myself with some help. Right now James is helping to get the long leaf pine wood walls sanded for the final clear coat. It will be wonderful when it is all finished and we can really enjoy having family and friends over.

I work in Austin, Texas which is an hour commute, at the IRS. Yes, awful right, but don't bother calling me with your tax problems, I just work there. It's a job and pays the bills. It is not all that bad, it has great benefits and allows me time off to spend with my wonderful husband on the weekends when we can have our adventures.

November we are going to his old stomping grounds in Minnesota. I will be glad to see where he came from and where he used to hang out. Then from there we are visiting our moms and his grandparents in Fort Worth and then off to Houston for the Texas Ren Fest. We will be celebrating our 8th month anniversary there. It really seems like we have been married longer, in a good way, since we are so in tune with each other. Being married to him has been a long awaited dream come true. We are kindred spirits that have been made for each other. We complete each other in every way.