I will not forfeit my future to a fate I didn't have a hand in shaping. - James R. Taylor

I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas until I moved to Minnesota and attended The Art Institute of Minneapolis. I studied Interactive Media Design and later moved to China to teach while I toured. I returned to Texas and married. There are several things I do that keep me busy these days. Here at home there are plenty of things to work on. The house was built in the 1890s and my wife has been working on restoring it for the past ten years. Early summer of 2010 we built a large horse pen for our three horses. In 2009 she started the deck that surrounds the hot tub. Late summer of 2010 we started working on the living room where we are stripping the walls to bare wood in order to stain and clear coat them. Soon we will be building our Koi pond that will be attached to the deck. All that along with other projects makes for busy weekdays and even busier weekends.

Other than work I like to travel. I've taken several trips to various parts of Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, and China. My wife and I are planning another trip to Minnesota in November 2010. There are hopes of a trip to Scotland perhaps in 2011. We drive about five hours north to visit our parents in Fort Worth every couple of months. We like to visit different medieval fairs in Texas as well as some local events in our own community. We both like adventures.