These are always so hard to write, but I figure that if anyone knows who I am, it’s me. I could say that it all started in Monroe, Louisiana at about 1:20am on the side of the highway where I took my first breathe. I think I have always been in a hurry, which makes me glad I have so much technology available to me today. I am pretty much a multi tasking geek. I spend my time working on various projects both related and unrelated to application development.


I love to program, I’ve been doing it for over ten years now. When I see a problem I tend to work out a solution using different programming methods. I prefer application development over design however it is not foreign to me. I had several run-ins with different programming languages at an early age. First was with an old TRS-80 building and playing a chess game on a tape drive and large floppies that kids these days have never seen. Later it was coding a Nibbler game in Qbasic in 6th grade. Fast forward a few years and the birth of the "web page" brought me into HTML and JavaScript. I enjoyed creating web sites for friends and businesses and it was only natural that PHP become apart of my obsession. Today PHP is my prominent language of choice in development though I do branch off into other languages for different projects or just to experiment with.

I now work at Kendra Scott as a senior developer on the web team. It is nice to be in a downtown area again. They are located in Austin, TX where Kim and I commute each weekday from Seguin. It is a long commute but we take turns driving to and fro and the job itself is pretty awesome. I am really enjoying working on a focused project that strive to improve something every day.


Life is funny. I feel like I have lived at least three for the longest time now. I recently got married to my loving wife Kim. I could write a book about all the wonderful things she does and how we complete each other. I had been going through life telling myself that I didn't need a companion in this world and that time would be better spent on my own. That view has changed very much to my own delight. Now I can't imagine being without her in my life. It is strange to go from a very complicated and busy life and break it down to a simplistic state and be truly satisfied with what you see before you.

Kim and I live in Seguin, TX out in the country. We keep three horses, a dog, and two koi fish. All of which believe us to be their indentured servants. If we are not traveling we work on projects around the house which should keep us busy for the next decade. We enjoy the quietness out here. For entertainment we both enjoy watching foreign films, particularly of the Indian and Chinese flavor. Kim knows sign language and I am working on learning myself. She previously had been studying the Farsi language and I continue to study Mandarin Chinese.